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ICB Announces Winner of 2017 Software of the Year Competition

The Inventions and Contributions Board is pleased to announce the winner of the 2017 Software of the Year competition, which was sponsored by the Offices of the Chief Engineer, Safety and Mission Assurance, and the Chief Information Officer.

Each software technology nominated for this award represents the best software from its respective center. A special panel of software experts from across the agency reviewed the nominations and provided feedback prior to the Centers’ presentations to the board members. The ICB then evaluated and recommended the winning software teams, which were approved by the sponsoring offices.

The following software from Ames Research Center was selected as the Winner of the 2017 Software of the Year award:

Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSAS) for Air Traffic Control (Winner): Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSAS) is advanced, real-time, air traffic decision support software that improves the efficiency of our nation's air transportation system in busy terminal airspace. TSAS is intended to simultaneously increase the airport’s landing rate and decrease the fuel consumption of individual flights.  Specifically, TSAS allows flights to fly fuel-efficient arrival procedures during periods of moderate and high traffic congestion.  TSAS is another step in NASA’s support of the development of a Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, which is a joint multi-agency and industry initiative to modernize and upgrade the nation's air traffic control system. The TSAS team is comprised of John E. Robinson, Harry N. Swenson, Xiao Liang Chen, Thomas Prevot, Chu Han Lee, Todd J. Callantine, Steven H. Chan, Hai Ou-Yang, Joseph R. Cisek, Alan G. Lee, Leonard N. Bagasol, and Everett A. Palmer.

Runners-up awards were given to:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory: NASA Eyes
Johnson Space Center: Space Station Research Explorer (SSRE)
Kennedy Space Center: DON 3.1 Distributed Observer Network

Honorable Mention was presented to Langley Research Center for Game Changing Development Mobile App GCD Mobile.

Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSAS)
TSAS used in High-Fidelity Operational Evaluations